By mid 2017, we'll be inviting other photographers - particularly local photographers based in the South Pacific - to contribute their work to this library.

We’re also interested in uploading parcels of images by photographers who have visited the countries featured.

Obviously, the technical standards of the photography we’re looking for will have to match what is currently available - though the subject matter can be outside of tourism. We’re a commercial photo library so we are looking to grow into wherever there is a demand for quality photography on the South Pacific. So, for example, we’re interested in interpretive and artistic photographs with a South Pacific theme. We’re looking for insightful, stock photographs that capture people of the region doing everyday things or engaged in a work environment (think handsome close-ups of melanesian hands typing, or a couple of polynesian executive’s chatting over a coffee). We’re also chasing graphic pictures of local industry ie copra production, fishing, cattle farming, agriculture and construction etc. Specialised photography is also being sought - pictures of botany, surfing, aviation, music, culture, fishing or sport. If you’re an underwater photographer - amateur or professional - and you want a platform to promote your work worldwide, well, have we got just the place for you.  

Of course, all the photos will need to be appealing from both an aesthetic and a commercial perspective but we’ll help you with that and guide you on where the market’s going if we think our association has potential.

Photographers who contribute to our library can expect a range of benefits, including a 60% royalty on the photographs we sell, a prominent profile in this library, and a referral to photographic opportunties in the region. Of course, all the photographs will remain your property; we would merely want the rights to market them.  

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with us at manager@kirklandphotos.com with some reference to your photography and we’ll get back to you with a short overview of what we’re looking for in our partnerships with photographers.