David’s Blog


Welcome to my blog site (or at least a gateway to it, he adds).

It would have been too much to write a separate blog dedicated just to our photo library so I’ve made what we want to say about it a feature of my existing blog site (snapshot below). 

That said, I’ll be expanding the blog’s content to cover announcements of the special promotions we’ll be offering throughout the year, our plans to update existing destinations featured, and details about some of the new countries we’ll be adding to the library. As has been the case since I started the blog, you’ll also see previews of the best of the photographs captured at the end of my assignments, some hugely exadurated stories about how I came to get them, details of the new books we’re publishing and the projects we’re working on, and some technical stuff on all things photography (though not too much and, certainly, not too technical).

Just click the picture portal below which is linked to my Blog and you’ll be transported there. If you’re looking to receive immediate updates, simply subscribe to the blog (its free) by entering your name and e-mail details, and we’ll keep you posted.