Model Releases on Photographs

Permission has been granted to capture the photograph of all of the people in this Photo Library, however, it should be noted that only the subjects that appear in photographs marked as "Model Release" have signed a formal Model Release Agreement.
In every instance, David has made his subjects aware that he is a professional photographer who earns his living from photography. When his attention has been concentrated on a single person or a small group of people, every effort has been made to have them sign a formal Model Release Agreement which allows the photographs captured to be used for commercial purposes. 
Every photograph in this library is identified as either having a Model Release or not. 

Where a photograph has NOT been marked as having a Model Release, you agree not to hold David Kirkland accountable in any claim relating to your usage of the photograph. You also accept the limit of David's liability to any associated claim can be no more than the charge for the copyright of the photograph or photographs provided.
All associations undertaken by David Kirkland as a photographer have been made in good faith to protect the reputation of the subject. Any photograph deemed as inappropriate or offensive to the subject, for whatever reason, will be withdrawn from this Photo Library on request immediately.